Chile Skiing and Snowboarding

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Come July, snow skiing in Chile has it all and is the destination for escaping the heat of the Northern Hemisphere summer. From legendary and top rated ski resorts like Portillo, Valle Nevado, and La Parva, to the volcanic snow-blanketed terrain of Nevados de Chillan, Lonquimay, Llaima and Pucon, the Chilean Andes Mountains leave little flatland. Chili is a paradise for skiing and snowboarding during the South American winter, June to October.

For prime powder skiing conditions, the best time to ski Chile is mid July to early September. Starting in mid-September, longer days, corn snow and south facing powder cannot be missed. The countryside is scattered with smoking snow covered volcanos, and thermal springs, all the way into Patagonia. Untapped backcountry skiing and alpine ski touring on the beautiful volcanoes of the Lake District allows you to chase winter well into late October.

For the ultimate mechanized backcountry ski  and snowboard experience, consider cat-skiing near the base of the mighty Aconcagua Mountain, the tallest peak in the Andean chain.

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