Ski Argentina From June to October

argentina_sliderFew countries on Earth can match the world class ski terrain, culture and dry powder of Argentina. From epic Las Lenas, with peaks towering to 4,000 meters, the Andes Mountains cut a mighty range of snow covered peaks and volcanoes all the way south to Ushuaia in Patagonia, home of Cerro Castor, the southernmost ski area on the planet.

While the season runs from June to October, the best time for snowboarding and skiing in Argentina is July-September, but keep in mind that while the last two weeks of July generally have good snow, the resorts and villages tend to be more crowded and expensive due to the popular Argentina winter break. We suggest a guided trip or custom ski package in August or early September as it tends to have good quality snow, cheaper rates and low crowds, which of course leads to more riding for you!  Backcountry skiing in Argentina will allow you to push the season well into October, and at times, November due to the amazing backcountry touring and hut access, colder temperatures and Spring corn cycles in vast Patagonia.

For true powder hounds, winter in Argentina is a must. Come ski Argentina with PowderQuest Tours.

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